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Sandra's "Transmutation News" for March is available here: http://sandraingerman.com/tnfebruary2012.html
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I have been writing the Transmutation News since 1998, and I am committed to continue writing the monthly column. I get quite a lot of feedback from readers all over the world that the monthly inspiration helps people to stay focused on the work to be positive changemakers in...
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The teaching that our words can either bless or curse is thousands of years old. This teaching is part of all spiritual traditions. Through our thoughts and words we can bless ourselves and others. When you begin to embrace the teaching that words can be used as a blessing or a curse it is...
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A basic need humans strive toward is freedom. On one level we seek the freedom from different emotional painful states of consciousness. We look for freedom from fear, and we create many strategies to feel safe. The tricky side of this is that the part of us that experiences ourselves as separate...
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In October the Turkish translator for my Transmutation News came to the U.S. She took my MFTE workshop and wanted to interview me but could not due to my father's death. So she came during my spinning workshop and did an interview with me. The name of the video is Conversation with Sandra...
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On December 22 we celebrate the winter solstice. And as we all know this marks the Christmas holiday season which in many places around the world has become more of a commercial holiday than a spiritual one. In Siberia trees are seen as seen as sacred as they bridge the heaven and the earth. There...
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Four years ago in celebration of The Dead Time I began sharing some of my more creepy experiences of the wyrd. Sooner or later most people experience phenomena they can't explain, or that occurs outside the bounds of their belief system. What it is and what it means is open to interpretation,...
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Greetings! Our destiny is to be creative just like the creator who created us. When we do not let our creativity flow our energy becomes blockes leading to a variety of femotional and physical issues. It is time for each of us to truly follow our soul's journey and to step into our inherent...
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Let us join our hearts together to celebrate the equinox on September 23. For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere we welcome in Autumn. And for those in the Southern Hemisphere we welcome in Spring. This is a wonderful to time to meditate on your inner garden. Put on some nice music and imagine...
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Many of us attach the experience of joy to what is happening in our outer world rather than allowing joy to flow through us. When we attach our joy or any feeling -- such as love -- to outer events we become dependent on what is happening outside of us in determining how we feel on a...