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There are conventions for everyone: dog lovers, tattoo artists, people who trade sports memorabilia, barristas, and hairdressers. They all have their annual gatherings to swap tales, make friends, and do business. So why shouldn’t book groups have theirs? For the third year, an estimated 1,700...
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A crib on what to look for when you watch Hamlet.  Remarks given during a roundtable prior to a performance of Hamlet (directed by Rinda Frye) at the University of Louisville (11/2/08). Before the curtain rises on Hamlet, it might be helpful to review Freud's argument. To that end I would stress...
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Okay, I stole this title from Barbara Sher (the Wishcraft lady), who has a book entitled I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was. I am about to usher myself and a passel of writers and hopefuls through the process of planning and writing and revising a novel. In October, we will plot and...
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the borders between it and imagination so tenuous. The one time I believe politicians is when they say they don't recall the sequence of events. Oh, they know if they did it or not, just as the Butler knows if he did it, but the sequence? _ I believe that becomes distorted because the event was...
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This semester I am going with a new sequence of plays in my Shakespeare class and I thought I would share it. I don't believe in proceeding through the plays chronologically (its a fool's quest anyway). Rather I do them karoke style. Before I had always relied heavily on my experience of seeing...
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I was run off the road by one of your trailers! . . . I was behind one of your trailers . . . the driver kept slowin' down in front of me and everybody else . . .I tried to pass, he swerved and hit the brakes! . . . I tried to speed up to pass him _ he sped up! . . . I tried to pass _ he pulled...
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The room at Deptford again, a month or two later. Will Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and Thomas Kyd, who is in a kind of depressed stupor, at the table, drinking, staring at Christopher (Kit) Marlowe's body on the floor, stretched in front of the table. Thomas Kyd's hands are wrapped in heavy cloth, his...
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Shakespeare *not* written by Shakespeare. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/guides/greatest_shakespeare_movies/
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  MACBETH by Wilhelm Shakespeare- THE DAGGER MONOLOGUE- translated into Scottish. Lesson2. Please send a check if you want the entire play in Scottish, its much improved.  Is this a chib ah see before me?  It's handle stickin oot. Ahm gonnay grab ye, but wance ah dae, ye've buggered aff, but...
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I had to share this with you, a segment from the 2008 Reith Lecture given by Professor Jonathan Spence. I am quoting Dr. Spence's words as he spoke at the British Library earlier this month.   Confucius (551 B.C.-471 B.C.)   At fifteen, I set my heart on learning. At thirty, I found...