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My working title for the Girl Scout story will be “No Campfire, Girls”, which is certainly better than the “Burning Brownies” that someone suggested! Meanwhile, the working title of my “space opera” novella, which is flirting with becoming a novel, is: “Beowulf: In Harm’s Way”. Or possibly “The...
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Cover Reveal--The Girl They Sold to the Moon FOR REVIEW COPIES--NAME YOUR FORMAT AND CONTACT ME AT:  stevenson_333@msn.com Or Intrigue Publishing:  Sandra Bowman at:  sandra.bowman@intriguepublishing.com    INTRIGUE ACQUIRES NEW AUTHOR OF YA DYSTOPIAN SF NOVEL!...
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CNN has an excellent article about the eight best beer towns  in America.  I consider it an excellent article because Portland, Oregon, less than five hours north, is NUMBER ONE while SF, CA, just over five hours down south, is NUMBER TWO.  Way down at number seven on this august...
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Announcing a staged reading ofSILENCE, WITTGENSTEIN!a two-act comedy by Bill Broder  Monday, February 4, 20137:00 pmThe Tides TheatreUpstairs at 533 Sutter Street San FranciscoCourtesy of San Francisco Bay Area Footlights SeriesThe Dramatists Guild of America We need an audience, so...
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Dronia and Marco Casteol Copyright © November 15, 2011 by Cupideros All rights reserved. (782 words)   "Women are average, men exceptional."  Dronia kept repeating that quote as she slowly rode her horse victoriously through the battlefield ranks of the defeated enemy.  She stared...
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Growing up in New England, in the tiny state of RI, east meant water. Narragansett Bay. South also meant water. The Atlantic Ocean. Then I moved to San Francisco. And lost my directional bearings. Here the ocean lies to the west. But the Bay still sits to the East. In RI, you can always drive...
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At one convention, maybe a year or so ago, this was an actual title of a panel I was on – "Pros at Cons".  The idea was to explore what a professional (writer, or artist) actually DOES at a convention, how they might approach it differently from the reader, gamer or fan attendee. [For...
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Pinched from Chris Dolley's blog because I'm up to my elbows in floor tile adhesive... FlyCon – the worldwide online SF/F con – starts today at midnight (Australia, EST) and 9am (US Eastern Time) and finishes at 5pm Monday in Australia and around midnight the day before in San Francisco. Panels...
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Newsdate: Mid-February 2009 What: Hal Spacejock books 2-4 released as low-cost ebooks. Where: Right about here Why you should care: Can't buy them in the shops, can you? (Outside Australia) What you should do: Repost this news. I'm facing several months of hard work on Hal Spacejock #5, and if...