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I've recently been invited to serve on the Board of Directors of a foundation called Let Go,Let Peace Come In at www.letgoletpeacecomein.org/ .  Their mission is: "To bring healing, support, and awareness to the hundreds of millions of adult childhood sexual abuse survivors and their families...
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I am elated!  We have  a new Lamplighter Chapter in forming in Australia.  That makes 41 Lamplighter Chapters in six countries.  Take a look at our website at www.thelamplighters.org.  My goal is one day to have Lamplighter Chapters all over the world.  The biggest problem is getting people to come...
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No one has mentioned the influence of the film, Juno, on impressionable teenagers in the press reports of the 17 Gloucester, Massachusetts high school alleged "pact" pregnancies that have captured recent headlines ("Teen 'pregancy pact'suspected," www.latimes.com, June 20, 2008...