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sexual repression | sexual repression

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            Greetings Olympians of all nations!  Welcome to Mother Russia, home of no sun, no fun, and no sissies.  We hope you enjoy your stay in Sochi, “The Antidote to Club Med.”         ...
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When I was an undergraduate at Vanderbilt in the early 90's, I let Jesus' people convince me I was to be pitied. I needed forgiveness and mercy and a special dispensation. I was "struggling" with my sexuality.  Next Thursday, September 1, I'll return to my alma mater and read from my debut...
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Halloween is a national holiday here in San Francisco. This isn’t simply because people get to dress in sexy costumes borrowed from their wives’ closets or purchased at one of our local leather emporiums. Yes, it is a time when people get to come out of their shell and walk around the streets of a...