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I have a wish list.  It's not fancy or elaborate.  For example, right now, I wish for sunshine and seventy-five degrees on a beach somewhere.  On that beach, I'll alternate between reading, writing, napping, sipping and gazing. This day of fifty degrees and sunshine will do. ...
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  Watching the Golden Globes and…ahem…”Quirky” People interact with each other on network television during this year’s show was pretty fun for me, and I’ll tell you why. I’m won’t mince words, because, well… I don’t do that. It was fun catching some of the show on Sunday. I watched as Jodi...
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    He plucked a wild sub-rosa rose upon the mountainside, Where gentian and edelweiss waved in the flowery tide, He gave it to the maiden who accepted it, bemused, It was not legal tender, but he could not stand accused.   No courtliness his form expressed; it seemed he made for...
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I wrote my first piece for Tina Brown's site The Daily Beast, called "How Male Bisexuality Got Cool."
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If you thought being fifteen and asking someone out was hard, imagine being in Sam's shoes. Created by hard knocks from his family and society, Sam knows nothing about kindness or the good life, but he knows what he likes. He likes guys, one in particular at the moment. Sam is the narrator of the...
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There are moments of “WHAT?” and moments of “waa?” On a beautiful sunny afternoon back in 1977, I was definitely having a “waa?” moment. Maggie was a very pretty redhead with freckles so bright you could pinch her cheeks and the color wouldn’t change. She just told me she liked me, and I was...
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Joshua Citrak Interviews Kemble Scott author of SoMa Joshua Citrak: In San Francisco, sex, kink and drugs are a wide, diverse, but largely unchronicled lifestyle. What drew you to this unique niche? Kemble Scott: Like many people, I moved to San Francisco from somewhere else. When you get here, it...