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Octber 2nd, 2009,  is International Day for Empathic Action.  In honor of this occasion, I've posted tips and tools for  lovers on the art of erotic empathy - compassionate communicaton in intimate and sexual situations. To read the article, go to my Words for Lovers blog:   www.lovetalk.org/blog...
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A cabbie has been arrested for sexual intercourse with a canine. He believes he cannot be sentenced because it is a stray and not a pet dog! Mahesh Kamat while appearing before the court appealed for bail because the cops could not record the statement of the victim. He has been slapped on two...
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STORYHEARTS SUNDAY UK BLOG - A HOLIDAY ROMANCE One of the things that has been mentioned by some regarding my book "Across the Pond" is how can anybody fall for, or care for somebody is just a few days as do Fred and Brit? My answer is... Do you not have holiday romances in the US?...
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Tender Four Dos Equis and his voice a plastic radio skipping between station and static, my new friend lays his hand on my shoulder, his arm as heavy as the whole weight of his scarred white body. Our small table smells of moldy towel; he's telling me he likes being beaten, that he's never told...
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http://www.boomercafe.com/2009/09/11/is-there-sex-and-love-after-50/ Here is a posting/excerpt from my novel "Loving Rabbi Thalia Kleinman" on boomercafe.com, please check it out.
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Long before the economic recession, a commercial sex worker had told me, “Sister, we get food and shelter here, but isn't money important too?" She had been ‘saved’ and was in a remote village but she had got accustomed to the power of money. The concept of prostitution – an extreme form of...
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Drinking Diaries just published my essay "Drunk Sex, How I Miss You (Sometimes, Anyway)" I stopped drinking, pretty much for good, over two years ago. I don’t tend to stare longingly at people drinking in bars, or feel too wistful, but the times when I’m overwhelmed with temptation for...
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During the mid to late 1990s, virtually all of my reading was done on the New York City subway as I commuted daily from Queens into Manhattan. As anyone who’s ridden the subway during rush hour knows, there is no such thing as personal space on a train. My fellow straphangers, bold as they were,...
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Why would a man want to break into women’s homes and steal their underwear? That it is a former British mayor is all the more surprising. Ian Stafford, 58, was quite a different man at work. Ah, but naturally. So when a mayoress says, “I always thought of him as a very quiet man who was a regular...
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Sometimes, one gets the weirdest feedback. This one does not deserve to be reproduced, but I feel like a bit of pop psychology. "Sheesh! Just three words can describe you completely---'obsessed with sex'." I was also called a pseudo intellectual, and I don't know whether it is due to my...