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September 11 2001 | September 11 2001

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President Barack Obama with 1st Lady Michelle Obama and other U.S. political leaders at 1 WTC in New York (photo by Jewel Samad and AFP Getty Images)              “Democracy does not have to be a blood sport. It can be an honorable       ...
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Dear Troops,      Today is September 11th 2010. It has been nine years since that terrible day. I am taking this moment to write to you and thank you for all you have done both here and abroad. You may have been the soldier on the front lines in Iraq, or battling in Afghanistan. You may have been...
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"The lovers crawl in and out of your alley,They bathe in drips of blood; and not finding you, they give up and leave.I am forever stationed at your door like the earth,While others come and go like the wind."--Jelaluddin Rumi     Many Americans first fell in love with the...
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Before the hours of insanity and annihilation that changed world history on September 11, 2001, the month of September was noted by members of my family primarily as the birth month for at least a half dozen individuals. It remained, of course, their month after 9/11, but the shadow of that event...