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separation of church and state | separation of church and state

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For decades I’ve been told by my adversaries in the religious right that they only seek a “place at the table” for their Christian worldview – well, their version of Christianity, that is. But evidence has mounted recently that what they really want is something else entirely: to own the table,...
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My daughters spent the last night in Iowa City with a good friend. Later she told me that in preparation for the long journey back  to Israel she had baptized the girls-- just in case.  I felt that it was a bit extreme but said nothing, I knew that it was an act of love and  did not...
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Margaret Nicholson and Norman Nicholson in the garden at Tighsolas in Richmond Quebec. Norman in Masonic regalia (I have the sword!). The Presbyterians did not approve of the Masons, because they kept secrets from their wives. But not to be a Mason was social suicide for Norman.   Well, in a...
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(Here's the beginning of an opinion piece I wrote that AOL News posted earlier this month. You can read the rest here.) If you are on a drive in Gainesville, Fla., cruising down Northwest 37th Street, you might be a little surprised at a handwritten sign on the front lawn of the Dove World...
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WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT to take down a cross that has stood as a symbol for American soldiers who have died during combat? Well, in part because it is a cross. Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard an unusual case that pitted freedom of expression against freedom of (and from) religion. In the Mojave...