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What an interesting guy Noah was. Yes, yes, who hasn't heard of Noah's Ark and who doesn't wonder how in the world one guy could fit all the earth's species onto one boat? Noah was 10th down from Adam, the guy who made his famous entrance with Eve, yes that Adam... Adam and Eve. But Noah was...
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The ancient Hebrews seemed to think so, and so did other ancient Semites. Long hair on the head and long hair on the chin was considered a sign of manliness. The Nazarites took vows to not cut their hair, they believed it was beautiful. Men often grew their hair longer than the women did. Black...
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Unfortunately when families change religions and surnames to fit within their new surroundings, descendents are left without much heritage. There are plenty of resources to avail oneself and explore their “maybe” Jewish roots and it is quite fulfilling.   Suellen Ocean is the author of Secret...
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It's interesting to think that during times of antiquity, when it was fashionable to worship "multiple" gods that it would be heresy to believe in the concept of "one" god. When studying the history of ancient mysteries we are led to the Jews, monotheism and ancient Masons who...