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Two prehistoric apes stand in the tall grass.  One points a finger in a certain direction to alert the other to a crouching tiger that is about to prey on them, as if to say: “Watch out!  Tiger!” Language developed from the behavior of finger-pointing.  Each word is an attempt to point to and to...
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After writing my last post I realized that in fact I was wrong in assuming that living without writing (or any other kind of self-revelation) would be self-hiding. It wouldn't be, it isn't. I lived like that for two years, and it is, in fact, the most blissful state a human being can achieve, a...
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What’s eating you, Omnivore of Consciousness?  Everything?You’ve tasted all,but a sense of Self?  This reality you craveis but a subjective idea of reference.  Enlightento your transparency:Full of everything, you’re no more than a state of hunger. copyright, 2008/pavel somov, ph.d.
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confession letter to my life coach jocelyn by ananda leekecopyright 2008 by madelyn c. leeke. Excerpt from That Which Awakens Me (Winter 2009) dear jocelyn, most of my feelings have been in the land of overwhelmed with writing and completing the memoir. i don't tell a lot of folks about this matter...
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  I know it sounds silly but most of my life I have catered myself to please others. Not allowing for myself to shine as I know I truly can as a person. I have given too much of myself only to stand by and watch as others use it as a weapon against me. Not realizing I was giving them the power to...
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Few visit Antarctica, fewer still hear its call: Look at me every day. (An obsession, I might add, considerably easier now that YouTube and other image-sharing communities exist.)  So each day right now begins listening to the new Paul Williams, aka DJ Spooky, Antarctic tuneage (more on Antarctic...
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I turned a corner and saw these Chinese fortune sticks with red tips. The airport duty-free store in Hong Kong was about to turn me into a superstitious wimp. The kind elderly saleswoman stood there as I watched with curiosity. “They good. You can lead foltune,” she said with a lilt. I wasn't too...
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Perhaps this is just a bit strange. Perhaps you should be warned about my strangeness... This is my first public blog about me. I kept a blog on a local server to play around with the format a few years ago, but I've never put anything out into the world until now. I used to post a lot in a few...
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Article March 14, 2008 "As is the atom, so is the universe..." This is a quote from the Rig Veda and I've been sitting on the notion so diligently that I actually dreamt abut it the other night **wind-chimes jingling** which was pretty weird. I fell asleep while watching a...