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Recently I discovered the term 'Highly Sensitive Person' ~ What a revelation ! In my research I recognized my Self, it brought me home. At once I realized my existence; I understood and forgave my past and knew what I had to do to find a better future. Design a more solid place in this hostile...
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I don't know which psalms to sing or which church to go to feel the flame within for a while     sit or lie still with  faith weather the restlessness brewing breath by breath       I don't know the god  or goddess or the mantra to chant when fear overtakes my being and...
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     The number one rule in survival is to help yourself first. If things aren't going right for you, how can you help someone else?      Imagine that you're in a plane crash or a boat wreck and you are the only one that knows how to survive any type of weather in any outdoor condition. Now...
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As I prepare to write this entry, I think in a way that forgiveness is a difficult for many of us as understanding can be. To forgive those that have wronged us can be a great challenge, and a difficult thing to anticipate being able to do.   For me, forgiveness has never been that tough...
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June 22   INVENTORY   “When you say ‘self’ who ever do you mean?” asked my sponsor.  “Do you mean the lovely velvet child or the facade you built to show others?” “Well, I wish I could answer you, I do,” my reply. “I see the shrine you construct in your sobriety.  I love that you made it.  When you...
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   Whatever form your idea of peace might take, may you now find it.       Everything I see, is me.  There are no "others".  Each of us is really the same.  Each one looks at others, and each one sees himself. ("him" herein has nothing to do with gender.)  I see a person...
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Keiko and I have been talking language; how language defines us, or is a definition of culture to which we relate. I have been contemplating the many layers, known and unknown, that define my place in the world as I experience it. Unfathomable, really. The most obvious and potent for me is as nun,...
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The sun is love.  The lover, a speck circling the sun. These lines are from Rumi, in translation by Coleman Barks. Whose lines are these lines?  Rumi's or Barks'? When reading Rumi in translation by Barks, historically, I am reading Barks' translation of Rumi's translation of Rumi's thoughts. Whose...
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I've stopped looking for a way out and started looking for a way in.
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It is deep, this universal despair.  But with us walks One Who Knows.  He knows our despair is unreal.  Nothing unreal exists.  As we see what "only the love is real" means, then doors open to us.  Everything falls into place.  We begin to see the world differently, and remember: change...