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How interesting evil is. It makes all else look good in comparison. Without evil, there would be no concept of good. But can evil exist without good? It is like this: evil does not need something to compare itself with. You can see a wrong as an independent entity, as intent too. The right comes...
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It seemed like I was chasing my shadow this morning. As sunlight nuzzled the nape of my neck, it appeared to crane, to reach out to the beyond. Contemplation became a tea mug, the foot holding a mirror to the face, almost. Shadows speak a language that is meant to obfuscate. They are like modern...
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There was no name. I knew those words. Was expecting them. Common words with the mandatory exclamation marks.   The phone number was vaguely familiar, like the scent of smoke from fire. It cannot be pinned down to a source. "Happy Birthday!!" it said. That's it. Rather hesitantly, I replied, "...
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If Muslims believe that Prophet Muhammad should not be portrayed in any physical form as it goes against the principle of Islam, then must a painting not fall in the same category?  Several reports have mentioned an upcoming auction in Britain later in May where a “rare painting of the footprints...