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 Take a look at this list of successful self-published e-book authors. Some of them have POD paperbacks too: http://ebooktop100.blogspot.com/2012...han-50000.html I'm damn frustrated. I'm agog, atwitter and absolutely dumbfounded by the number of successful self-published authors who are...
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Seriously, is there no end? When is mainstream publishing going to get in the game? These people keep getting proven time and time again to not know a good book if they read one, yet are still held up as the arbitars of what belongs on the book shelves. Today's WSJ profiles yet another author ...
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Be familiar but be you! http://bit.ly/JXB1GD
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Starting today: #fridaywritingtips. What makes a great Idea? Agent James Levine & others talk 2 The Book Doctors. http://bit.ly/M3S5fy
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A Leap into the Unknown:  My First Self-publishing Venture Bill Broder I’ve spent many years working with the traditional publishing industry.  Early on I helped found a company that created and designed learning materials for such large American publishers as Houghton Mifflin and Holt...
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Just updated theFreedom Road Publishing website to reflect April's accomplishments. Tweaked the book cost calculator. Added more info for prospective authors, like a 100% satisfaction guaranteed page, and a cool page that shows how I designed a cover from a painting hanging on the wall of an author...
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Based on more than a decade’s experience in pioneering e-books and non-traditional methods of publishing non-genre novels, I am embarking on a costly experiment to determine whether it is possible for an author of such works to take control of his own career, increase his readership and beat the...
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Washington Post with a lovely piece about David Henry Sterry, Arielle Eckstut, P0litics & Prose, The Book Doctors & Pitchapalooza
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HEADLINE: Justice Dept. Sues E-Book Publishers & Apple Thanks a lot, guys... not. Sure, technology has put every tool of publishing in the hands of individual authors. A laptop computer can store a virtual publishing company on its hard disk --from word processing to graphic design to...
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I do not mean to advocate self-publishing on the internet. I would much rather have a traditional publisher produce my next book and tend to its needs. These publishers are not, however, out-bidding each other to get my attention. But even if a well known publisher takes me up, I think there is...