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Thanksgiving Day dinner offers us many food choices, so I figure Write Nonfiction in November should offer a blog about choices - in this case publishing choices - on November 27th as well. As you finish up your Write Nonfiction in November project (just four days until it's over if you're writing...
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I hadn't been editing books long when I was approached by the husband of one of my good friends, Colin Tipping. He had written a book, called Radical Forgiveness, and was looking for someone to help him edit it and get it ready for self-publishing. Given that I am "spiritually- and...
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Yesterday's post brought up an important issue with which most nonfiction (and some fiction) authors today need to grapple: Are you a traditional publishing holdout or a self-publishing maven?  Bothroutes to becoming an author have their merits, and both have their pros and cons. However, these...
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I've just uploaded the seventh installment of My Pal Splendid Man, the sort-of novel, sort-of short story collection that Will Jacobs and I have been trying out on line, about a would-be writer who befriends a superhero. We were very happy with this story: this is when some of the themes that we'd...
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I often find myself struggling with simply getting started on a book project of my own. I can dig into the editing of someone else's manuscript with no problem; after all, they've already overcome their own overwhelm and written the whole book.   Plus, I'm still struggling with the idea of self-...
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To start off week #2 of Write Nonfiction in November, I’m going to change the topic a bit. Actually, I’m going to let publishing consultant Randy Peyser of Author One Stop pose five different topics that she says most authors need to know about but don’t. (We’ll get back to platform building a bit...
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This is a market campaign for a self published book that all authors could benefit from seeing. . totally inovative and compelling. Check it out at http://blog.coyotesguide.com/?p=91 Let me know if you are compelled to buy the book as well. Linda
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It may come as a surpise to some people that we all have our doubts and our fears about our projects and career aspirations, regardless of how much success we have achieved in the past. Lest you think that you can totally eliminate the fear of failure forever by being a major success in your...
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Today in the Atlanta-Journal & Constitution newspaper, the largest newspaper in the state of Georgia, appears a great article about my new book Waking the Sleeping Demon: 26 Hours of Terror in Atlanta.  I knew the article was coming because the reporter interviewed me yesterday and told me to...
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My new book, 'Santa Fe Dreamhouse: Ten Years in the Land of Enchantment' took six months to write- well, these stories were kicking around for years- but will take just as long to get into print with iUniverse.  Still, I could die of old age waiting for an agent or a bricks and mortar house to...