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Last week, I interviewed former student Nicole Lataif about her experience publishing with Pauline, a Catholic press. This week, I’m highlighting a pair of former students, Heather Woodard and Pam Wampol, who took my class to work on their Christmas story. Their self-published book...
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In the January/February issue of Poets & Writers magazine, poet and critic Reagan Upshaw delivers four pages of put-downs (disguised as advice) devised to dissuade poets from stepping on the literary playing field.    Upshaw begins “Reality Check / A simple self-publishing plan,” with...
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One of the things that separate amateurs from professionals is their ability to rewrite their novels, to transform them from beautiful but unshaped pieces of clay into glorious works of art that take the breath away. This transformation doesn’t happen magically. It is the result of numerous edits....
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When I think of academic publishing, Oxford UP, Cambridge UP, Harvard UP, Princeton UP, Yale UP and Stanford UP come immediately to my mind. However, there are many other university presses with over 130 members in the Assocication of American University Press. http://www.aaupnet.org/aaup-members/...
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My new ebook, Manage Your Self-publishing Project, is now available from Smashwords and Amazon. The process described in the book is based on my own experiences: two books published by a small indie publisher, my own self-publishing and starting my own publishing company. The ebook...
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Thanks to Public Radio, , Rebecca Kruth, Becky Anderson, and all the great people at Anderson’s Bookshop.  Here’s the piece!
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Ah, the writing day has become the publishing day.  I'm using over half of my writing time addressing my next weak area, publishing a book.  I've decided I'm keen to put my book into reader's hands.  So I'm exploring and learning. I've come across several interesting items about it...
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Wonderful article by the wonderful writer CLAUDIA GRYVATZ COPQUIN, many thanks to Ellen Meister! http://www.newsday.com/lifestyle/writers-get-a-minute-to-pitch-book-ideas-1.4377203
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My local NPR station, WCPN in Cleveland, featured a panel on the weekday arts show "Around Noon" today that had a terrific perspective on self-publishing. Host Dee Perry - a Cleveland NPR legend - spoke with Suzanne DeGaetano, owner of independent Cleveland Heights bookstore Mac's Backs; Sari...