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self-publishing success story | self-publishing success story

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I received the following e-mail today after posting a comment on Twitter which stated: "82 Percent of Americans Think They Have a Book Within — Which Is Likely a Great Place for It!" From: Dan To: vipbooks Subject: Capable People Hi Ernie, I think that there are many literary people who...
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I wish I could say I made a misstep, but actually I didn't.  When I received enough rejections from publishers to fill a wall in my room, I decided to self-publish.  I researched all the Print On Demand publishers and chose Book Surge because of their contact with Amazon.com.  I followed all the...
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I hadn't been editing books long when I was approached by the husband of one of my good friends, Colin Tipping. He had written a book, called Radical Forgiveness, and was looking for someone to help him edit it and get it ready for self-publishing. Given that I am "spiritually- and...