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    I have self published my book Fun4Babies in March 2013. It is already for sale on Amazon, Kobo, Sony, e-Sentral. I have also sold 25 copies of the paper back so far. To look for book signing, trainings and other events follow me on facebook at Fun4Babies Book page or...
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As every writer serious about publishing knows, we are inundated with new books. New technology has opened the floodgates. I started publishing my own work before the flood, when the only option was offset printing and I had to print a minimum of 500-1000 copies to make the venture economically...
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Now that I’m back from vacation it’s time to get back to work. And the work I have in front of me is to make a decision about my book. Should I continue on the road to finding a new publisher or should I self publish? My tendency is to look for a new publisher (in case you didn’t know, my publisher...
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An agent is a separate individual who performs much of this filtering process. You most certainly don't want to send a manuscript directly to a publishing house. They won't read it. They consider pieces only if they come recommended by an agent. Agents read manuscripts, or ideas for...