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From the time I first decided I was going to write I knew I wanted to write a mystery, or mysteries, if my first book was received well.  In my mind, my characters moved stealthily through my thoughts, like figures in a thick fog.  Their stories, tragedies, and the ties that would bind...
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Recently the term "target audience" came into my life, a term that, for me, had previously only been found in the now extinct text books of my Business Marketing degree program.  I had been discussing publishing, specifically self-publishing, with an accomplished author that I know and she...
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I love the time I spend writing.  It is, even when the writing is a challenge, a joy in my life.  I learn a great deal from writing so even the days that the words don't flow and frustration looms ominously, there are valuable lessons for me to learn that, at the end of the day, further...
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Advice Received Recently I had the pleasure of speaking with a woman whom, not only writes her own column for a local magazine, but also is a writer and publisher independent of her status at the magazine.  We discussed many topics in regards to my novels and self publishing, especially the...
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Self publishing is, as I have mentioned before, an adventure.  With my first book, I blundered about blindingly, publishing on a wing and a prayer.  Due to this fact, there were mistakes.  Mistakes with editing, formatting, and even some technical mistakes within the book that I...
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As every writer serious about publishing knows, we are inundated with new books. New technology has opened the floodgates. I started publishing my own work before the flood, when the only option was offset printing and I had to print a minimum of 500-1000 copies to make the venture economically...
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When I decided to self-publish my first novel, "A Convoluted Tale", it was a decision made both on a whim and with much consideration.  I had worked for some time, submitting the novel to traditional publishers, all of whom at this time were not taking on new clients, or politely suggested I...
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Hello, All! I hope everyone is having a great day and a delightful start to their week! :)  I have been busy working, both on promoting "A Convoluted Tale" and with editing my second novel, which I hope will be finished and published within the next month or so.  This whole process is...
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