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I went to New York to catch the end of the New Yorker Festival and hang out with friends and ended up where I always seem to end up in New York, uptown at the Metropolitan Museum.  I don’t claim to be an expert on museums, but it seems to me to be an excellent museum, in the same league as the...
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I’m not any one thing: I’m not just a teacher, I’m not just a mother, I’m not just a painter, I’m all these things plus, and the more areas I can tap, the richer each one of the others will be.— Joan Brown (1938-1990) ** This past weekend included a trip to the San Jose Museum of Art . I was...
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Two years ago I created an art installation entitled Inside/Outside, and have now created a mirror image of sorts entitled Outside/Inside.  Similar, yet different.  Same time of year, same species blooming, yet this one a bit grittier, a few more slings of outrageous fortune, perhaps a bit more...