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My World Is a Beautiful World By Bernadette A. Moyer My world is a beautiful world! And yes it is by design. It is a choice. I surround myself with people and with things that I love. Life is too short to settle for less. Toxic people and toxic things have no place in my world. Life is tough...
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  On Day 3 of these 32 days, I had to take my daughters to the airport to fly home after a nice (but short) visit.  Even though I knew I would see them in Burbank two days later, it was still a sad morning for me. We make our situation work, but it’s far from perfect.  Which got me...
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Talking to Ms. Mary L. Harvey is painful. When she talks, you can still hear the sadness in her voice, the disbelief in her heart. If you listen closely, you can also hear and feel the strength in her resolve and her new found determination to be heard. Imagine for a moment... you are a woman,...
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One of the most important concepts of contemplative living is that of living in "unified relationship with oneself" because without that unity, it is impossible to achieve the balance of living "in unified relationship with God, others, and nature." I have to know myself before...