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  That’s a line that I once scrawled inside a paper sculpture—one of a series of artworks called “messages.” Google “self-expression.” Today I got 2,480,000 results in less than a second. At a glance, it’s obvious that a lot of our cultural dialogue is dedicated to self-expression. A...
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I miss when blogging was about you. And by you, I mean the person behind the blog, the writer. It was personal. It was people writing about all aspects of their lives. In the early days of blogging, people wrote about kids, cooking, tv, books and of course, politics but almost every blog was...
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Today in the paper there was an article about teen suicide on America's Indian reservations. Suicide happens 3-8 times the national norm on the reservations. One of the boys we worked with in a youth radio project had a girlfriend kill herself just two weeks before the camp.  I've spent a great...
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It is said everyone has a book within them. True enough (more than one, think I). However the implication is that everyone is capable of writing that book. Not so, think I. It is not fair to base the worth of a  life story on the worth of the book about it. No one benefits with a poor presentation...
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When I was a girl I had an office -- and a mailbox. Besides filling order forms we'd salvaged from local companies going out of business, what I loved most were the messages I'd trade with my sisters. Plus, my grandmother nicknamed me “motormouth”. Years later an astrologer pointed out Virgo in my...
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Except for those moments when I wanted to be The Lone Ranger or Zorro (and there were a lot of them--I think it was the masks), mostly I thought I would be an illustrator, and as I got older that got refined into the notion of comic book illustrator.  When I was in sixth grade, for a project I...