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Summary: What is motivation and inspiration? Is motivation and inspiration the same? Most people use these two words synonymously, but is there a difference between the two? While reading this article you will learn the contrast between motivation and inspiration, and how to use them both to...
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For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance™ articles in Kinetics Magazine, I am featured on the cover of this month's issue (Nov/Dec 2012), along with both a written and an audio interview by the publisher of the magazine, Kathryn Peters-Brinkley, who is the author of...
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I am happy to announce that my new book, The Way of the Modern Warrior, is now available as hardcopy and Kindle editions on Amazon. Below is an excerpt from the book's Intro. Anyone who creates and maintains any higher ideal in and of their own self may be considered a samurai. A samurai, male or...
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We live the major part of our lives under the constant pressure of things we create for ourselves based on misconceptions. Until clarity of purpose becomes a determining factor in our own experiences, others will have our tacit permission to create “things” that control significant parts of our...
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For those of you who have been following my Self-Revealization Acceptance articles in Kinetics Emag, here is the link for the July/August issue. http://www.kineticsmag.com/issue/2012JulAug/pg5.php For more info on the author, visit: http://www.hanshi.com
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The book cover for my newest book, The Way of the Modern Warrior - Living the Samurai Ideal in the 21st Century is now available for all to see. The book, published by Tuttle, will be released this fall. One can preorder it at Amazon. Below is a sample from the book. No one is responsible for...
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Most people fail in life because they are not aware of the internal power they have or the manner in which they can increase their usage of it. The inner self is impersonal; it is not a "thing." The true meaning of personal development is in the true acceptance of your own personal being. It has...
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There are many ways to travel down the river of life. Imagine riding in a boat made from the energy you have gathered from your experiences and relationships as well as the energy you are creating with your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts. Seeing its shape, color, and size would reveal your...
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Many thanks for the following book review given by Bohdi Sanders, Ph.D., author. I was given Self-Revealization Acceptance by a friend and I have to confess I am guilty of judging a book by its cover at times. My first reaction was that this doesn't seem like something I am too interested in...
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Excerpt from The Shogun's Scroll Shunko Zabayashi knew the importance of using his own resources when he effected a coup against his cousin in Tarama Province. He carefully thought about his actions before moving into position to take control of the clan. Although his cousin was a...