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 A VERY SHORT REPRIEVE/Part 4 Like a condemned man I've learned to savor my reprieves.  To relish that moment of bliss  before my misdeed is punished.  The criminal knows he'll be caught, but wants the champagne and dancing girls. As a kid I lied about my grades so my mother would let me go...
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THE PHYSICAL/Part 3/ It's 1962 and Morris Krieger's dire warning is ringing in my ears. "World War III is coming." I'm taking my Army physical with several hundred other kids in Selective Service Headquarters off Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. A red faced Sergeant, crewcut...
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It's 1962 and the State is closing in on me. A few months after my eighteenth birthday I get a letter from the Selective Service Agency, enclosing a draft card, registering me for military service, with the command: "you must carry this on your person at all times." To me it's just a...
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Barack Obama struggling to answer a question that was asked by a viewer (who wrote in) of ABC News, 'This Week' on the Sunday interview show (Ctrl-Click to launch video). Image Credit: ABC News website Obama - No Conflicts? … So, No Military … “that’s the ticket” The neat thing about listening to...