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Hello there my spiritual friend,   It has been a few weeks since we last chatted, and I do apologize. As we move through life there are numerous opportunities to express ourselves .in ,oh, so many ways. One need to merely observe or reflect upon things and see. Quite often when we recognize...
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  Adam of St Victor was one of the last great individuals who were apart of the founding and initial informative years of what we know today as, “The University of Paris.”  St.Victor was the monastery to which the university evolved from the sessions of instructing their own monks....
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I awake in the bare bedroom, the shade pulled full down over the room’s lone window. Yet the day is bright and the sun casts a thin wall of radiance past the shade’s edge, cutting the room into two triangles. Lying on my side, peeking past the pillow’s upraised corner with one eye I see through...
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The most viewed of all my bloggeries (supposedly that’s the correctname for blog posts) is The Origin of the Grim Reaper. The second most viewed is Describing a Scene in an Interesting Way.  The third is Describing a Character the Easy Way, and the fourth is Describing a Winter Scene. Apparently,...