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One of the happiest winters we had was in the late eighties when we spent a sabbatical semester in Tucson Arizona. We drove from snowy Iowa City, where we lived, to Arizona at Christmas time. What I noticed first were the different colors of Santa Catalina Mountains and the smell of citrus bloom in...
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A few years ago I was living in a rented apartment but wasn’t happy about it. A single mother, I was almost finished raising four kids on only my salary with no child support. It was just me and my youngest daughter, 17 years old. My other two daughters, one married and the other in college had...
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Obama is coming to Ireland. What an honour and yet we have the stodgy old writers and artists who persist in their complaining about how ''he took out Osama'' and it is all very frustrating to hear and if I were Obama I would cancel the visit and tell them all to go drown themselves in Guinness and...
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I learned a lot while I was in five years of recovery from childhood sexual abuse.  I learned I didn't have to answer anyone's questions or that I could respond with one of my own, like, "Why do you ask".  It took awhile.  I had to wear a sweatshirt that said, "What part of no don't...
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It isn't usually the case, when you walk into an art gallery, that you find the artist whose work is being exhibited on the softly lit walls sitting quietly nearby, nodding a welcome to you. But Nicholas Kirsten-Honshin had decided, that morning I visited Sedona, Arizona, to walk the two-and-a-half...