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  No time for a siesta as it's fiesta time on Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!®. The Oprah of the Airwaves, Cynthia Brian and her sidekick, Heather Brittany power up the party. Check it out! Spies, sex, and secrets from WWII comprise the fast-paced adventure, The Long Road to Paris. Set against...
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The conclusion to the debut story of Small World Protection Agency is now available from Trestle Press! Down Under ThunderJosh and Madison are two elementary school students that have been recruited by a secret organization known as the Small World Global Protection Agency. In the first...
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Well, I did have an idea. A little while ago, I created a story about two unsuspecting fourth graders that suddenly find themselves in the middle of some serious, high-tech, international espionage. It is now available from Trestle Press. That's right, ten-year-old spies that travel the world...