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  Book Writing Coach, John Toker, M.Ed. LD K-12, M.A. of No Rehearsal Writing mentors aspiring writers. Writing Coach, John Toker, author of the award winning books, Conflicting Sanity and LD Just Means Learn Differently, guides aspiring book writers. John is also a learning specialist who...
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  The Oprah of the Airwaves, Cynthia Brian, and lifestyle professional Heather Brittany rock the airwaves with another inspiring program on Starstyle®-Be the Star You Are!®   In T42, Cynthia Brian and Heather Brittany  talk about the worst twister’s in fifty years and how Be the Star...
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My attention was drawn to this headline: ‘Forbidden sex in the interest of national security’. [...] It transpired to be an utterance by Rabbi Ari Schvat. In his opinion, it is perfectly fine for attractive female secret agents to lure the enemy into providing information for the greater good of...
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I've been skirting around this topic for the last week or two, but now it's official and I can announce it: my friend Steph Bowe from Australia has just signed with Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown for the YA fiction novel I had the pleasure of beta-reading recently. I loved her manuscript so much...