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“Good Evening.”  That’s how a newcomer to the Cat-Tales forum signed the guestbook in February of 2008.  The phrase had no significance at the time, but I was soon to discover this man who went by the screenname Wanders Nowhere was a writer, and the greeting was as much of a signature...
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The Color of is a fascinating new website "to find the colour of anything." Give it a word or a phrase and it searches through Flickr, selects its best matches, and ingeniously manages to combine them without making mud.   The result are some lovely canvases that would look right at home...
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So someone writes a book and wants other people to buy it. The day that book comes out, there will be at least 2,000 other books seeing the light of day. Hence, all the talk about pre-publication promotion, author platforms, and a writer’s audience. If you try to do everything that everyone says...
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I just got back from Book Island in Second Life. Yep, a virtual world I visit for play and work. I wrote about virtual worlds in a previous post. Here’s a bit of what I said: “All virtual worlds have virtues that make them valuable whether we’re talking about your mind, a book you read or wrote...
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"Surveys show that in the online dating world, women are afraid of meeting a serial killer. Men are afraid of meeting someone fat." That's a quote from When Strangers Click: Five Stories from The Internet, a new non-fiction film premiering on HBO on Valentine's Day. Despite the gender-...
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Ingenious way to outline a few simple steps new authors can take to promote and advertise their novel. Without giving too much away, this video discusses the importance of book reviews, a book tour, media interviews, a professionally designed website and blog, social bookmarking, MySpace, Facebook...