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When I closed on Monday, I pointed out that jumping from crutch word to crutch word doesn't mean you can simply hit delete. You have to check back and forth at least a few paragraphs. For example, in my seek and destroy for 'just' (which bugs me when I find there are 208 of them, because I...
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Hi, I've missed Redroom (and all other social media sites) during my year's sabbatical that had nothing to do with writing fiction.   However, I'm back now, working on the second draft of The Accidental Guru, and looking forward to connecting with you all again.  Hope everyone's had a very...
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I wrote a novel in 12 days last year for the Nanowrimo November novel in a month marathon challenge for all those of us who want to write a book but need the challenge to actually get around to doing it... This was my first novel and boy did I have fun. The words just poured out and I was averaging...
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A sudden flash of inspiration hit me in the head on the way to the 7-11. Excuse the frankly erotic nature of this fantasy, but as I am a virgin in all senses of the word, allow me some leeway. This then is the once upon a time (hopefully soon) erotic journey towards the complete and utter...
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Prologue and Epilogue. “This then is the world as it stands now, on the brink of greatness,” continued the old storyteller, staring out at the waves crashing onto the beach. The tide was coming in. “We are all Priests and Mermaids here, now. Each and every one of us holds some of the magic that...
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Last week I finished a first draft of my second novel. Two days after writing the last line, I turned to the first chapter. I had planned to give the whole draft a rest, but about month or so ago, I read that Joyce Carol Oates writes the last chapter and the first chapter of her works-in-progress...