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Seals in love... This is what comes of two SEALS, well, seals frolicking. And then we have a SEAL wolf and an undercover operative sparring... And this is what comes of that frolicking business if they're not careful... My thoughts on A SEAL Wolf Christmas What I love most about Terry Spear’s...
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An avid reader as a child, horror author Vincent Hobbes grew up nurtured by parents who encouraged his creativity. His dad used to read to him, Where the Red Fern Grows, by Wilson Rawls, over and over. In high school, he had two wonderful teachers who motivated him and gave him the...
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Why, you may ask, would the cover of Annoy.com consist of nothing but the logo of the FBI? No tweaks, witty modifications or slight alterations. Just the image of the logo exactly as it is. And, of course, a disclaimer! Because, it appears, the FBI decided to take time out from protecting the...
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     Tis the season for the tinkle tinkle of bells. And ringing cell phones. Regarding cell phones, I resisted having one, fought it nail and tooth, but finally caved in a few years back when the kids got so busy with activities I couldn’t keep track of them anymore. It did make my life...