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Sea Lions | Sea Lions

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Today I'm counting on these lovable sea lions to help me through the day. In case I find myself feeling frustrated or things feel out of my control, I want to think of the look in their eyes as they play with each other and bark and smile and wrap around each other innocently, with such joy. Happy...
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The loveable sea lions who lived at Pier 39 in San Francisco are gone. After twenty years hanging out on the wooden docks, smoking cigarettes, harassing people for spare change, and wolf-whistling at passing women, they suddenly disappeared. They followed their leader, Marlon Brando, and rode off...
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Just wanted to thank everyone on Red Room for checkin out my page, my book, reading my blogs, and reviewing my videos and interviews - over 4000 views this year.  More to come- I'm working on a tv show on photography, two new books, and capturing lots of new images!  Here's one recently shot along...