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THE COMPANY YOU KEEP   a film review   by Jeanne Powell    Robert Redford is back with a film we have been awaiting since the last Weather Underground activist came in from the cold at the end of the Carter administration.  I do not mean to imply they all came...
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This year marks the 50th anniverary of The Port Huron Statement, a democratic manifesto drafted largely by Tom Hayden and modified and adopted by Students for a Democratic Society, a leading activist organization of that period. For many people like myself who came up in the sixties, it...
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Yesterday was March 4th, a protest, a rally, a cry out to the wilderness of politicians and government for more school, more classes, more money for educational processes and endeavors. So what did the students at my college do?  What did the SDS group at Diablo Valley College find it in their...
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When it began with me. I did my first bit to stop the war in the spring of 1968. However, my actions to end the conflict in Viet Nam were not altogether altruistic or free from self-interest. I had arrived on the campus of Oberlin College the previous September, two weeks shy of my 18th birthday,...
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Doesn't the person who saved the life of the President of the United States deserve a name? The woman who attempted to assassinate Gerald Ford, Sara Jane Moore, has her name out there. Although we still know little about her. But we hear nothing about the person who foiled Moore's second shot. He...
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Day one and all.  As a former and still proud member of SDS (and office-holder of Hunter College's arm of SDS), I celebrate the announcement of Mark Rudd's memoir in the NYT.  While he is vilified not just as a domestic terrorist but as the man who put the nail in SDS' coffin as the founding...