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Measurement devices measure our expectations of what we are hoping to find.  They have to: as sense-extensions, they can only find the stimuli that we already know how to digest.  Nothing new here: Socrates talked about this with a slave boy named Meno way, way back.  Point is:...
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Recently I went to a discussion about religion and science with Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks and atheist and mathematician Marcus du Sautoy. Being intellectual and religious; there are simpletons who think these attributes are mutually exclusive. I whispered to Dr B., ‘It sounds as if language is...
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I have nothing against dolphins. In fact, I find them delightful. However, the scientific understanding of them as individuals raises a few questions. The Centre for Ethics and Business at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles has come up with a ten-point charter for “life, liberty and...
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The notion of “love at first sight” has a lot of basis in fact. That's what I learned in research for my novel. The big premise of Love At Absolute Zero is that a 32-year-old physicist, in tune with his inner salmon, can find his soul mate in three days using the Scientific Method. What folly, you...
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  photo: Cover of Weekends at Bellevue, from the previous interview post (see below)     As the title suggests, this is Part Two of my interview with writer, and Dr., Julie Holland.  She is the author of Weekends at Bellevue: Nine Years on the Night Shift at the Psych. ER....
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I went to "Brains on Beer" - BOB - to have a beer and visit with friends last night. I had the oatmeal stout. Only five of us turned out, including the new guy. The new guy is a high school science teacher. BOB started collecting donations from whomever was present each week when we paid the bill....
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What makes us who we are? Think about that question for a moment... ...Among all of the questions we can ask as human beings, even with all of our progress and our potential, that question alone remains one of the most difficult, or perhaps the most difficult, to answer. Innumerable factors are...
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One of my beer buddies from the "Brains on Beer" Wednesday night gathering sent this to me. It's just neat, so I'm sharing it. It was like watching synchronized swimming.  Have a cuppa something, and enjoy it. http://tinyurl.com/3ee2eya
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In spite of her family being homeless one 17-year-old girl has stayed focused. Samantha Garvey recently discovered she's being considered for a national prestigious science award, and hopes to get a full scholarship to college to study marine biology. Read her story on my Living in the Heartland...
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I cannot swim. I cannot even drown. There is wood in me from the tree of life. It keeps me afloat. I ingest the tears of the ocean. I can listen to it even as my ears get blocked. Shut out the sounds. There must not be so much moaning. Water flows, they say. I still do not know where. It crashes...