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I've finally gotten the last two items of a busy 2012 up on my Media page, a final panel from Gen Con and the panel I was on at World Fantasy in Toronto; please check in and let me know what you think!  Otherwise, I am now in the process of outlining a new writing project while revising...
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They all slowed to a walk as they neared the bush, but Sal’s barking never slowed a bit, “Come on Momma! Look at this! It, it, it is AMAZING! WOW! Oh my goodness. Look at, look at how big it is. H-how come we never saw this before? We come here all the time and we never saw anything like this.“...
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...on my work(s) in progress can be found here: http://www.jpsmith.org/blog.htm
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You know, even when I'm not typing or scribbling, I'm writing.  Often I write in my head about the actual story, but I also just think out different issues.  I consider that writing.  I've been thinking about character identity the last several days. See, I knew who the character was...
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Victorian horrors and thrills built on the bones of established fantasy. Herbert George Wells intends to meet the American writer who wrote a sequel to War of the Worlds and Wells intends to give Serviss a large piece of his mind. Wells is livid at not only how it was done but also that Serviss...
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There are many things a working writer has to do that have nothing to do with writing. Remembering to come over to Red Room to blog once in a while, for instance. Marketing/promotion are very much a part of the writing profession these days, more so than ever before, and those of us who neglect it...
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  Millie tossed back the covers and jumped from the bed, as if she was a piece of bread popping out of a toaster. “What are you doing in my bedroom?” She exclaimed.   Startled, Honey jumped back as if she was struck, her legs trembling. A loud banging was heard in the bathroom and sixteen...
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I'm in the final week of my semester and just past a fairly significant writing stretch, and that means I've got a window of a couple of days to get caught up on everything else I haven't been able to do over the past few weeks--most notably, update my blog!  It's been from lack of time,...
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The Random House Publishing Group (my happy literary home!) just announced three new digital imprints to add to LOVESWEPT, their digital imprint for romance and women's fiction: ALIBI, for mystery/suspense; HYDRA, for sci-fi/fantasy; and FLIRT, for "college-age New Adult" fiction Their stated...
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The coffee is cold.  The Writer is hot.  He wants to keep writing.  But - I need to return to work. "It's too soon," The Writer protests with a shrill childish voice. "Can't we stay a little longer." No;  time to go.  Maybe we can write tonight, I suggest. He rejects it...