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Wow! This week (March 2-8) is Read an Ebook a Day, which means you can now pick up a copy of The Clean Slate Accord at a 30% discount for only....wait for it....$.69!!! You seriously can't pass this up. Under a dollar for a fabulous Sci-fi novella.     http://store.untreedreads.com/Books...
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Escapism at its best! About the Book: What if you discovered a portal that took you to the 12th Century, where you met, fell in love with, and married a princess, had a child together, and then you discovered that you might never see them again? Lucky finds himself in this peculiarly unique...
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My guest today was one of the Class of 2K13 however her debut YA Sci-Fi romance novels publication was delayed so she is now my first member of the Class of 2K14 to appear on this year’s “A Book and a Chat” shows. Not that she is a debut author over all writing under the name “Macy Beckett” she...
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So far, this year has been full of surprises. Not all good surprises, but I’m only going to talk about the good ones because I’m a “glass half-full” kind of guy. Let me start with the manuscript of a book called PRIMORDIAL that I finished writing nearly six months ago. I had already moved on to a...
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  You probably had a favorite legend as a child. The heroes and heroines of legends blend seamlessly with the supernatural, a jump made easily by the very young. Legends vary in structure, but most often the hero is called to adventure but resists until a supernatural power visits him and...
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Well, this is Day 2 of the blog tour for Two Brothers: Origin and I just saw this wondeful review. I love to hear that someone who ordinarily doesn't read sci-fi has become a sci-fi fan! Read the review here    
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There's a master blacksmith at the NJ RenFaire who forges serious weapons... truly artistic and elegant battle steel. At our last few "hail and hearty" greetings, besides testing a blade or two, and chatting of things metal, he has asked me in earnest, "Bill, when will The Soulstealer War be...
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 An exciting time travel story. In Paperback Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform ISBN-10: 1492141739 On Kindle Publisher: Black Horse Publishing ASIN: B00EH1WPVA About Joe Corso: I grew up in Queens, New York and I started writing to raise money to send my grandchildren...
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Photo: Movie's poster, from its Wikipedia page.   Elysium is a very satisfying action / sci-fi movie with a surprisingly blatant social commentary about immigration and health care.  Because immigration is such a fireplug, your stance on it may very well decide how you enjoy the movie...
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A great sci-fi adventure.   Everyone knows that things happen for a reason and this story is the proof. Who would have believed when Lucky had an horrific injury it would leave him with an amazing gift – the ability to jump through time. This time travel makes him incredibly rich,...