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This essay was filed for the "forgiveness" blog competition, and has now been removed due to the sensitive, personal, and emotionally charged nature of its content.
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As the furor goes on over Obama talking to kids in school, we return from Labor Day weekend and say good-bye to another summer (unofficially, of course). A lot has happened over the last week or so, the school speech not being the least significant among them. So what's the big deal? Well, a bunch...
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Last week's blog topic was "Back to School"--a notion that's on most people's minds, in one way or another, at this time of year: many Red Room bloggers are teachers and/or students, many have kids in school, and all of us have memories of classrooms, lessons, and teachers (good and bad...
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I have lost touch with all but three of the friends I had at school, before the place changed from Rough Northern Boys’ Grammar School to co-ed sixth form college. Even now when we meet, we might, given sufficient lubrication, give you our rendition of the Old School Song. Here is the chorus:...
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It's time for back to school only my son doesn't jump on the bus with the rest of the kids.  He's a home school student.  So what, you say.  Lot's of people home school their kids.  Well here's the truly amazing thing.  My son has chosen to take all of his classes through the Florida Virtual School...
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Ever watch a droplet of water on the counter?  How it holds together until touched and then runs away?  That's how I feel today, only I call it a tear.  I feel like one giant tear.  If you touch me, the water will run everywhere; and I'll disappear.  Today is my last day at a school I helped build...
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Teacher                                  A grey haired cranky stern woman,   With a sarcastic tongue and quick temper has Joanne,   And a cheeky nature with no sense of humor is Miss Lane,   She likes to scream a lot especially at male kids,   All talking in class she...
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     Unlike much of America, Philadelphia still hasn’t gone back to school. No early soccer practice.  No head-start on the daunting junior-high curriculum. We honor the quaint tradition of waiting until after Labor Day.  So my daughters have wrung one last week out of summer.  Nevertheless it’s a...
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Back to school, the thought horrifies me. Never will i go back. No! you're wrong i enjoyed my school days! I had good teachers, i remember them all ... trying to understand what they were trying to teach me... not learn off- by- heart. Except poems (simple ones with a natural rhythm). I enjoyed...
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Neither shyness nor getting lost nor vomiting nor changing schools stayed my enthusiasm for the first day of school.  I loved the smell of paper and ink and new books and book covers.  I loved going to new classrooms and learning new subjects.  The first day of school was the Promised Land...