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Help me get to Europe in May My paper “Conscious Inclusion of Women Musicians” discusses the systematic omission of women from big bands, except all-female bands, and the importance of hiring women musicians for music projects, especially, jazz projects. The paper has been accepted for...
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Celebrated critic Frank Kermode dies aged 90 Prominent for more than half-a-century, he combined an eminent scholarly career with popular success Alison Flood guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 18 August 2010 12.22 BST Frank Kermode in 2009. Photograph: Eamonn McCabe for the Guardian Widely acclaimed...
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Interesting you would ask me this, as others have asked me this question, too, and I suppose it is because I no longer pretend to believe that Christianity is the only way to know God.  Yet, as far as my own faith journey is concerned, I regard myself as more Christian today than I’ve ever been...