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 My thrillers are contemporary and my crime novel is universal, so I have an interest in crime fiction and a great weakness for police procedural fiction, movies and television. I don't necessarily ascribe to the conclusions of this article, but we do learn much about a culture through its crime...
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I Curse The River of Time is a nostalgic, sensitive, self-critical narrative related by a working class man who is about to go through a divorce and has learned that his mother is dying of cancer. It is replete with Scandinavian austerity, the sentences and images all wind-burnished.  The divorce...
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Every week or so an alert zaps into my email account informing me that I can read my books for nothing in Norwegian. My Norwegian’s not exactly fluent and I can read my books for nothing any time. But that’s not the point. Scandinavia is a major center of so-called Cyberpunks who have willfully...