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The church today appears to be more lost than the world it’s trying to save. One reason is that the church has so wedded itself to western culture that Christians today look and live more like the culture around them than the Christ before them. The irony is, while the church almost continually...
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  A doctor, a medical doctor, and there I stood, powerless to help my daughter, two, turning three, flailing her arms, and then grabbing me, my daughter, perhaps, however inconceivably, about to die.   A moment before, we were sitting, my wife and I, enjoying our evening meal, our two young...
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                His tumbly brown hair fell in his eyes as he wiped the already spotless counter down.  Jonny wished someday to become the guy that got to catch the pier as they approached.  They had given him rigorous training in basic safety and he imagined a day coming when there was such a...