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SAT REDUX—TEACHING VOCABULARY (Note: all SAT words used in this essay are presented in bold text) I start by writing the word EMOTICON on the whiteboard—followed by the symbol  @ and the characters  :-)). “Can you figure out how this word got into the dictionary and where it came from?” I...
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We went for dinner, well a light meal really.  I sat and watched as you ate; I wasn't really hungry, but you were.  We spoke as you ate and set the world to rights.  We had cake, paid and then left.  We walked and talked until we reached that central point.  I said no!  We stood among the tourists...
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Here are a few grammar questions from a sample ACT college admissions test I found online. 2. As a result of his method for early music education, Shinichi Suzuki (has been known as one) of the world's great violin teachers. A. has been known as oneB. had been known as oneC. is seen as oneD. is...
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Pick up a copy of any SAT book (including my 2006 SAT Writing Essentials) and you'll get plenty of advice about when and how many times to take the test. Why? Because when you tell the College Board (the folks behind the SAT) which colleges to send your scores to, they send them all. Rest assured...