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 I myself have always thought F and P dangerously similar.
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You may have heard the news in the last week about the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig which caught fire, burned for two days, then sank in 5,000 ft of water in the Gulf of Mexico. There are still 11 men missing, and they are not expected to be found. The rig belongs to Transocean, the world’s...
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 Those who dismiss Sarah Palin as historically ignorant are wrong.  . In the coming weeks, as the former Alaska governor on her national roadshow exhorts members if her Tea Party fan club to "reload," the reference to a gun will have peculiar resonance in light of another time in our...
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Publishers Weekly just came out with its list of the 2009 best-sellers.   For all of you readers out there who thought that Going Rogue by Sarah Palin was a joke, the joke is on you.  Sarah's publisher, HarperCollins is laughing all the way to the bank. And so is Sarah.  Yes. Going Rogue was the #1...
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Yesterday I realized about halfway through the morning that I had forgotten to wear a belt. This was the second day in a row that I had neglected to put on my belt, a standard item of my very simple wardrobe. Also, my fly was down. I often discover that I am not fully put together partway through...
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A few words of advice for all you anti-Obama conservatives out there. Quit it with the whole teleprompter fixation, would ya?  Okay, okay, we get it, you don't like the President. And you'll throw the kitchen sink to attack him on everything under the sun; from being responsible for the recent rash...
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Barbie, the 51-year old fashion icon, just added news anchor to her mega-list of careers. Watch your step or Fox News may stop building that state of the art TV studio in your house now that Barbie's back in town. You may have been governor of Alaska, for a few short years. But Barbie's been the...
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Well Haiti is now further on the backburner. Some good meaning folks went over there and tried to take some Haitian children (orhpans?); never minding that at least one of the children said she had parents.  They were bringing them to a better life. Sarah Palin, while in an interview, had written...
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The industrious Sarah Palin, having thankfully receded somewhat from front pages everywhere, has been all over cyberspace and the airwaves recently with her Tea Party appearances and her new Fox News job. There is cause for alarm. Palin is a grand master -- or perhaps mistress -- of the art of Us v...
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Okay, it's late, nearly midnight, on a Saturday night and probably not the best time to write about current events, but something has been plaguing me ever since Scott Brown pulled off what many describe as a major coup for the Republicans by winning Sen. Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts. What I...