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Check out my interview with Martha Alderson and Blockbuster Plots. Martha is a master at helping writers plot their books, fiction and nonfiction. http://www.blockbusterplots.com/resc/spieler.html
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April 25, San Francisco: The pigeons have capitulated. I repeat: the pigeons have capitulated. As has been diligently reported here, our house has been under siege by a pigeon couple who wanted to build their nest o’ love in the light well outside our kitchen. On Thursday, April 24, 2009, a date...
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Note to Bill O'Reilly: Iowa is the new San Francisco. I can barely write that sentence without my hands shaking at the thought of the city I grew up in losing its punch line status on right-leaning talk shows and slightly more sympathetic late night comedy hours. But with an absentee mayor and a $...
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The city of San Francisco was brought to a virtual standstill today by an extraordinary heat wave as the thermometer shot up to 83 degrees and humidity reached 51%. Compounding the problem were winds of 4 mph buffeting the city’s famous hills. “It’s so hot!” said one young woman outside the...
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Tonight I will be attending the13th Annual San Francisco Library Laureates Dinner, the big fund raiser for our fair city’s wonderful library system. The theme is “Celebrating the Theory of Evolution,” as library boosters mingle with thirty-five authors to raise a glass and toast the bicentennial of...
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It's embarrassing how far behind we are on this growing national trend when we're usually so ahead of the cultural curve. Something like 75 communities across the country are already printing their own money. After all, it's good enough for the feds, whose presses are rolling off hundreds of...
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“So what?” you say. “You live in San Francisco!” True enough, but I wore the tutu while doing the laundry. I also wore a tux while dancing with my vacuum cleaner, which was itself wearing a wig and glittery ballroom mask. I played a few great songs with guitarist Todd Swenson and taught the multi-...
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I am so excited, happy, jubilant, and in shock that I will be appearing on the show "A View From The Bay" on Tuesday April 21 @ 3pm.  I will be discussing my book, Can There Be More?. I will also mention my second book, and the main part of my segment will be on how to get children...
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San Francisco continues to be hit by unrelenting weather. Today saw sunny, blue skies, with highs in the 50s to upper 60s. West winds roared in at 5 to 10 miles-per-hour and were expected to increase to 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon. “There will only be more of the same,” said one meteorologist,...
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Laura Ruth Barry has taken the first step in her bid for the San Francisco Parkside title. The top-ranked Barry won her opening match Saturday at the J. P. Murphy Playground and Park Open in San Francisco, beating fellow American Sam Barry, who also happens to be her father. In a stunning turn of...