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  Creative take on Kafka lands local students in prestigious Edinburgh festival by emma silvers As the lights come up onstage, four actors dressed in black are positioned into one connected, crablike figure. They move in perfect sync with each other while two other actors, speaking in gravely...
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I moved to San Francisco on November 4, 1979. I remember the date because the first day I did stand up for real was November 4, 1974, and the day I married my first wife was November 4, 1981. Just a coincidence. But an odd one. When I left Milwaukee, I was working on stage maybe six times...
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If it wasn't for living in a bubble all my life, the fundamentals of past promulgations, incumbency of rules, regulations and modules of rigorous lessons about how life should be lived as instructed to me by my parents and society, I'd have lived a different life cycle. Instead of riding on a...
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This was an opportunity for me to present a different kind of talk about "Sweet and Sour,' and the social history of Chinese family restaurants at a different type of venue and audience. My past audiences for this book have consisted of Chinese who had some direct experience with Chinese...
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As Miki is still glued to his bed, I insist on a cab. “This has better not be one of your fantasies.” Annette says as we bounce and swerve our way down California Street. “Yeah, I’ll do my best to almost die but not quite.” I say, slumped down in my seat, a soggy, warm dish cloth pressed to...
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A SAN FRANCISCO MEDICAL ADVENTURE By the time Miki is groping for his first smoke of the day not only is my jaw raging constant pain but, due to sleep-dep and general exhaustion, I am convinced that I have an abscess under my tooth, that the offending molar is sitting atop a reservoir of puss that...
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Here's the first REVIEW of Mad for Meat!
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I went to the DeYoung Museum in San Francisco on Sunday.  That's not really my point, but that's where I'll start. I went to see the Picasso exhibit.  It's a timid approach to a very forceful subject:  A man who was a force of nature by the look of it.     Picasso lived for a long time, 94 years I...
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Kafka  Mark Jackson takes on 'Metamorphosis' Robert Hurwitt, Chronicle Theater Critic "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams he found himself transformed into ..." Right, that's the opening of Franz Kafka's "Metamorphosis," the unobtrusive 1915 short story...