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Do you keep a diary, or do posts on Facebook or Twitter suffice for you? I sometimes think of my blog as a diary in addition to being BLATANT SELF-PROMOTION (hey, it's Tuesday, so I have to slip that in at least once), but it's still a record open to the world in more or less real time. Reading...
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As I was doing my morning coffee and baked good--a thoroughly enjoyable if not totally healthy routine--I also spent the usual amount of time reading through the four or five websites I go to every morning. But then I thought: Do I really need to read all of this crap? I go to the Washington Post (...
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This Salon article, by William Lazonick, Alternet, captures what I've tried to expressed in my blog rants about my corporation and its practices.  http://www.salon.com/2012/04/02/when_corporations_abandoned_the_99/ We all know financialization:  when what matters most is not even profits...
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Yesterday I read that the Province of Alberta has four times the amount of prescription drug abuse as Quebec. They don't know why. I can hazard a guess...:) When I was in my 20's I had a close friend who was hooked on some prescription pain killer. She had an important job and few noticed she...
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My Salon essay, "I'm a sex writer with a secret shame - hoarding" was just published
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Today I am leading a writers and poets' salon at All About the Journey, a place for healing arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One thing I have learned about Minnesotans, they love to attend events when the weather goes below freezing. Not a native, I, too, now love to attend events after being...
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 As authors, it is an integral part of our nature to solve mysteries not of our creation: especially those stories writ large by life. We attempt to unravel plot strands, to analyze the most compelling characters in the story. Needles to say, every author rewrites history. In his essay for Salon (...
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Have a look at NarrativeMagazine.com, a new internet literary resource edited by Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks.  NM is a serious and ambitious publication, complete with library syndication, handsome formats, hardcopy options, paychecks for contributors, and a squadron of international writing stars...
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With all its disparate cultural facets, could Turkey be a model for integration for today's hybrid identity individuals?    On June 26th twenty five social scientists, businesspeople and cultural thought leaders gathered at the Four Seasons Sultanahmet in the shadow of the Haghia Sophia to try to...