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A synopsis                Manuel “Dusty” Rodriguez grew up poor and Mexican in Salinas, California, but learned to golf because he caddied at nearby Pebble Beach. He had a chip on his shoulder, though, and did not pursue the game...
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"I got the cliched shivers when I saw my paintings and my father's work, leaning against the wall where John Steinbeck's huge black and white image looked down upon them."--Belle Yang I'm humming "Tonight, tonight, won't be just any night . . . "-- okay not really.  My big opening at the...
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There are no statues or plaques to commemorate them, just a few illusive names like China Cove, China Camp remain of their tenure in California. Few of my friends who live in the Monterey Bay Region know that Salinas would not be the agricultural hub (nor Castroville, Watsonville, Pajaro and...
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The town Robert Louis Stevenson nearly burned down (wondered if the moss hanging off live oak trees burned, so took a match and . . . ), that Clark Ashton Smith and Steinbeck wrote in. . .Pacific Grove, California . . . could be without a library. There's a parcel tax on yesterday's ballot to keep...
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About 1915. Late morning. Salinas, California. Three children _ same actors who were Susanna, Judith and Hamnet in Scene Two at Stratford_ standing beneath a window, calling ``John! John!'' No response. The boy _ Herb _ throws a pebble at the window. A large, gawky boy in a flannel shirt and jeans...