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In order to define what is the perfect breakfast, we first have to know what is required of this meal so that once encountered it’s recognised for what it is. If you don’t know what your body really needs, how can you possibly provide it except on a best guess basis? The evidence is everywhere...
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In advance of your Labor Day, no need to tell your guests to save up on calories so they can enjoy the festive food. Warm summer days such as Labor Day is always an excuse for barbecue.  Some do it the old fashioned way with charcoal while others prefer the less messy way with gas. I...
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Well, I done et my tomato. . . I'd intended to give it another day or two, but last night when I went out to check on it like I normally do; touching the rich soil for dampness or dryness and giving it my customary caress, the tomato popped right off its sturdy stem into my welcoming hand. I tried...
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No, it's not something from Dr Seuss........read more
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  Standing at my kitchen window I see the moon. The fresh-picked basil and spinach leaves are draining in the colander. The aroma of the sliced peaches grilling is sweetly heady and sensuous. I pick up the velvety leaves with both hands and breathe in their earthiness.  I am revived.  I check the...
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Salads have come a long way!  Forget a salad with iceberg lettuce, tomato, dressing, and maybe tossed with a few croutons. Mandarin Steak Salad with Ginger Vinaigrette featuring marinated sirloin steak, mixed greens, oranges, and red bell peppers, is a delicious, innovative entrée salad that will...
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I feel grateful to be able to help cancer patients at such a challenging time in their lives as this book is designed for people going through treatment.  It is important for people to eat and I am glad to be able to give people comfort and food, as what you eat makes a difference when going...
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I needed some crunch in my life.  You just do every so often.  Too much is mush, too many sounds are very close to squish, and not enough has the defined snap of this being different from that.   Decisiveness can be very refreshing.  You know what you're dealing with when a decision has been made...
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I may not be blogging but read more
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This is getting scary.  And I owe you all a big apology. A ticking time bomb? A while back, I wrote about the introduction of a new sandwich from Kentucky Fried Chicken called the Double Down, which most people agreed was disgusting and unhealthy and clearly an attempt to kill off KFC’s customers...