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photo: from the show's Wikipedia page   It's been ten days since the last post, and the reason for the absence, bottom line, is that I'm on vacation, so not spending too much time in front of the computer screen.  But now that I've had a moment, let's see what else has been going on...
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Our President didn't bring his "A" game last night. He was far too "Zen" like, way too calm and relaxed. He was too professorial, politically correct and kind. He almost seemed disengaged. WTF? Romney on the other hand came in with gloves off, lying, clawing, throwing jab after jab with non-stop "...
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1. Fire lots of federal workers, including those who look after the infrastructure and regulate banks, medications, food, and airplane manufacturing. Call this trimming the fat out of the budget. 2. Unleash the coal companies.  3. Let people die for lack of medical care, food, and shelter, but...
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Don't ask, don't tell worked quite well as a work around to pretend that although gays and lebians are serving in the US military, we're all going to wink and pretend everyone is heterosexual, as God and nature intended. If gays outed themselves and were hurt, that was their problem. It was a great...