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Jim Jones says: to Russia? You think Russia is gonna want, no, it's not gonna, it's, it's, it's - you think Russia is gonna want us with all this stigma? We had some value, but now we don't have any value. Jim Jones prepares. In his head we hear the cogs of despair. He stumbles on a few words. He...
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My resolution this year is to convince everyone to try odd bits.....read more
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This is a fascinating, journalistic book, something like a Bob Woodward tale, but set in the dying USSR. Its protagonists are Gorbachev and Yeltsin, flawed men but driven, sporadically brilliant men. To some degree, there's a reductionism operating here. The USSR didn't fall apart only because of...
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This will be a somewhat complex blog because I am going to intertwine comments on Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago with the 20th anniversary of the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I'm reading The Gulag Archipelago right now and have just returned from a discussion of the dissolution of the...
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I'm a crime fiction writer. So I ought to shoot straight. Here it is: there are lots of crappy detective novels out there. Which is why I say thank God for Arkady Renko. The hero of Martin Cruz Smith’s excellent series set in the Soviet Union and, later, Russia (with stops in Cuba, Ukraine, Germany...
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Some months back I wondered what happened to a portrait of Count Tolstoy by Jean Mannheim I had seen years ago. It has reappeared. A man walked it in through the door a few weeks ago and you can see it on this page. It shows Tolstoy standing before a darkened forest in a peasant's tunic, his right...
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It is one of the fascinations of studying history to realise how sometimes, what on the face of it can seem an almost inconsequential incident in the tapestry of world events, can, on further study, prove to have profound, world changing effects for the generations, at that time, yet unborn. There...
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Am I the only one who thinks twice when hearing Georgia in the news? There is the state of Georgia in the US and then there is Georgia, the sovereign state in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. What an interesting history Eurasia’s Georgia has had. First their oral history proclaims they descend from...
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  Novelist Count Leo Tolstoy was so moved by Jesus that he learned Greek and enough Aramaic to translate the gospels for himself.  Years ago I searched for these translations but they were only available from a private printing for hundreds of dollars.  Thankfully that is no longer...
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Albert Camus died instantly when the car he was travelling in spun off the road in icy conditions and hit a tree. Photograph: Bettmann/Corbis Albert Camus might have been killed by the KGB for criticising the Soviet Union, claims newspaperCar crash in which French literary giant was killed in 1960...