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  There's something about Old Japan that draws me in again and again. I don't know what it is. When I see old wooden buildings and the earthy ways in which people went about their lives, I feel a nostalgic ache that's almost unbearable. (I feel no such nostalgia for almost anything in my own...
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Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson is a fine novel that mixes old age with bildungsroman.  The protagonist, Trond, speaks in two time zones: in one chapter he offers an account of the austere life he is building for himself in the Norwegian countryside as an old man; in the next chapter he...
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  November 5   BEFORE THE END OF THE ROAD     Before the end of the road tiny stone lay on the side, freshly painted lines glimmer in this twilight trance.  Walking the macadam, the crunch underfoot changes my perspective.  No steering wheel or accelerator, this is...
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Today is the day to win a copy of Accidental Cowgirl: Six Cows, Nor Horse and No Clue. Check it out at Silver and Grace, where there is also a link to a book review. Good luck!
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 After learning at church on Sunday that the women's class meeting was to be at Charlene Morris's the next night, I knew I had a conflict.  My job as song leader meant I was supposed to show up with the bag of song books from the choir room and have songs selected to sing.  I have been known to...
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Okay. I'm through with ranting. Ready to fully enjoy spring in the country. There's nothing like blooming fruit trees and daffodils to put me in a better mood. I know this is heresy, but I don't envy New Yorkers their cold weather and snow and ice (but Christmas in New York City is hard to beat),...
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We have been having delightful weather in Southern Illinois. High temperatures are so difficult on those with multiple sclerosis, so I have reason to appreciate more moderate temps for our daughter. Hearing the news folk remind us one evening that it had been over l00 degrees on the same day a year...